Architecture, Buildings
& Construction (ABC)

With increasing focus on development of long lasting and architecturally pleasing buildings and structures, stainless steel is gradually been seen as the preferred material of construction in the ABC segment. Its excellent corrosion resistance properties coupled with a high level of fire resistance make it one of the safest materials to be used in construction of buildings. Jindal Stainless offers the complete range of stainless steel products used in the ABC segment.

Typical applications of stainless steel in the ABC segment include:

  • Roofing
  • Decorative and color coated sheets
  • Street furniture
  • Escalators, elevators
  • Claddings & facades
  • Railings
  • Airport and railway stations
  • Bridges
  • Structural beams
  • Fittings and fitting systems
  • Plumbing

Why Stainless Steel?
In the ABC segment, stainless steel scores over other alternative materials on account of the following benefits that it provides:

  • Extended life and reduced maintenance due to its superior corrosion resistance properties.
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Superior fire resistance
  • Lowest life cycle cost
  • Environmental protection since it is a completely green material.