coin blanks

The coin blanking line was designed and installed for manufacturing of indian mint blanks and was commissioned in nov.2001. The line was designed for production capacity 2500 mt / annum. Later on 3 more lines were added in 2002-03 to enhance the production capacity. Now there are 4 nos. Parallel lines designed to produce 10,000 mt of blanks per annum.

Dimensions Of Coins Manufactured
Diameter : 10mm to 30mm
Diameter : 10mm to 30mm

Types Of Coin Blanks Manufactured
1. Mono-Metallic
2. Bi-Metallic

Machines and materials used

High Speed Blanking press

Vibratory deburring Machine with corn cob as media

Edge Rimming
Rimming machine(Make Schuler)

Continuous Annealing furnaces(electric and gas fired)

Burnishers with ceramic media and descaling compounds

High Speed Polishing machines with S.S Media and polishing compound.

Inspection (Manual)
Slow speed continuous moving belts and inspectors standing at various points looking visually the defects in the coin blanks.

Inspection (Automatic)
High Speed Proditec Make machine. Inspection done with the help of cameras.

Automatic Sorting
Sorting machines working on the principle of go and no go Gauges operated pneumatically

Weigh Scales

Testing Facilities
1. Vickers hardness testing machine
2. Electronic weighing balance for single blank weighment
3. Electronic weighing balance for 100 blanks weighment.
4. Profile projector
5. Roughness tester, mututoyo model no. Sj-301
6. digital micrometer 0-25 mm and 25-50 mm.
7. Digital vernier scale 0-150 mm

Coinage Materials
1. Brass
2. Cupro Nickel
3. Aluminium Bronze
4. Nickel Silver
5. Nordic Gold
6. Nickel Brass
7. Stainless Steel

Our Prominent Customers
1. India Government Mint
2. French Mint
3. Royal Canadian Mint
4. Slovak Mint